Thursday, November 4, 2010

29 days to go: Queen Street

music by The XX, Intro

this is my favourite place in auckland
it's like jalan tar in malaysia. minus the headscarf shops. 


  1. damn it man! this is just too f***in' awesome for words!!!!! LOVE IT!!
    what software did u use to edit this?! was this taken with ur nikon or fa's??

  2. i can't believe i just spend almost 2mins watching a recording played backward, without blinking my eyes even once, and with my jaw dropped. this is awesome. do more of this! like do it for every place u visit before coming back home :p

  3. dayah - thank you! i used fariha's d90. i edited using VideoPad

    kak mard - thanks kak mard!i'll try to make more if the camera is available =p


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