Sunday, June 14, 2009

More FM, More Variety

I think More Fm is the best radio station in New Zealand. it airs cool songs (latest and not so latest), latest news, weather forecast, activities around Auckland and many more. i've been listening to this sation since the first day in Auckland. i've tried to listen to other stations but More Fm is simply the best.


  1. frekuensi die agak2 bleh smpai sini ker?huhu

  2. try online radio la pakcik.. -_-'

  3. beb,gua nak ajak lu mkn kenduri kat blog gua..gua buat western food.
    lu Follow blog gua pun xpe lagi bagus.

    Blog gua tu dah tak seimbang,bdk2 yang ada makin berat ke belah punk.

  4. woah..igtkn aku sorg je suke dgr more fm neh.
    best2 esp late nite love..hehehe


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