Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pop Yeh Yeh

that was the theme for last night's UMSA Food Night. we had to wear whatever that resembles the 60s (eh wait, what year is the pop yeh yeh?.. i'm not sure... lol)... so i wore whatever i wanted. i'm not sure it's the 60's or not, but i liked it. last night should be cold, but it wasn't. i'm a little bit confused now, at times the weather can be freaking cold like now, but sometimes it's not. 

back to the topic. basically the idea of last night's.. party.. nope it's not a party.. hmm.. function?.. ok function. so the idea of last night's function was to bring back the 60s to the present and at the same time bringing malaysian food to new zealand. i assume. overall last night was ok. at least they had an effort to do something like that. yea with all tests and assignments, it was acceptable, but there are rooms for improvement. the performance was cool, minus the singing part. the skit was understandable. 

last night i met so many malaysians and my schoolmates too. 

 that guy in grey, he's my schoolmate when we're in primary school

he's my classmate when i was in secondary school, sek. men. keb. petaling. he moved to mrsm if i'm not mistaken when we were in form 1

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  1. nak gambo time kt pokok 2 gak..huhu


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