Monday, May 18, 2009

I Hate Monday

everybody should hate monday. yup you should. just imagine after relaxing for a couple of days, (or more if you skip the classes you should attend but you know if you attend those classes you'll learn nothing) you have to wake up early, about 6 am to rush for classes on Monday morning.

i always hate monday. but everytime i hate it, i never hate it till the end of the day. monday never fails to make me happy at the middle of the day or maybe as early as eight. towards the end of this semester, i never miss rosemary's 8 o'clock class. early of this semester i always woke up late, so i have to attend her 10 o'clock class which i don't like so much because at 12 i have linguistics class, so there's no time to go to UBS (university bookstore) to read magazines for free. there's no 'NO FREE READING' sign, so it's okay to read for free. there are so many interesting mags i never seen before, so spending a couple of hours reading mags for free never been so enjoyable while listening to songs from my ipod touch (ehem i have ipod touch 8GB which is so cool).

oh here are the reasons why i hate monday so much:

1. i have to wake up super early.
2. my esol class starts at 8am. this forces me to wake up early.
3. my last class, language teaching finishes at 6pm. this makes me go home super late. now it is autumn, so it gets dark super early. so far it rains every monday ,making me feel like living in a natural habitat of fungus: DARK, WET & COLD.
4. i have professional development on Monday by Sheryll. i hated this session early of this semester but now i'm okay with it coz those days i was unable to answer question bombarded by her, but now she accepts any argument as long as it is acceptable.

so i think those are the reasons why i hate monday so much. now is the part why i always fail to hate monday till the end of the day.

1. even rosemary's class starts so early, i still like it. she is funny. that's it.
2. new issue of craccum releases every monday. even there are a number of stupid things in it, it never fails to make me laugh. so far i never missed even a single issue.

they are all free

afghanistan's pig quarantined

3. i have plenty of time to read magazines at UBS

still remember about the previous post where i mentioned that i really enjoy doing assignments and really wish to start doing it early. that's a crap. the story goes like this...

last week i successfully handed my esol assignment 90 minutes before it was due which was 4pm. i had searched the article needed for that assignment really early but i was too lazy to read it until i realised i had to submit the assignment the next day. i have completed the important parts the night before the submission day so i left the editing part the next day. but when i woke up the next morning, i just felt there were a lot of mistakes i did so i read the article all over again and suddenly got stucked! damn. i was hopeless. so i decided to start all over again with a new article. i knew i had no time to browse the internet for a new article, but luckily i stilll have another article that i used for my first assignment. thank god. i typed it like mad (at times refreshing myspace and facebook) and without editing or whatsoever i put the finished assignment into the assignment box with a hopeless face. in my mind, i kept on thinking why i did that stupid thing, i regreted a lot. i couldn't sit still, not happy and i would accept any marks given by rosemary. and today i woke up with fear.

suddenly... jeng3... oh i was late a couple of minutes like usual, but today we had a filming of 'journey to success (to class actually)' so that people can get the picture of how far it is walking from huia to our class..

when i arrived, rosemary was giving away the result for the test and assignmnet. that's quick! back in ipba we have to wait for weeks or even a month to get our assignment result. she's so workaholic! i was so nervous... but i am happy with with the result.. tada!

totally unexpected!

how can i hate u Monday!

there will be a fashion show at Quad this thursday. can't wait to see!

and today i cooked rice. the last time i cooked rice was a few months ago, or maybe less. i just can't remember.


  1. lol. thats true

    btw i hate wednesday!


  2. hate wednesday too but less than monday! haha

  3. haha, today we'll be filming again...ngantuk2...

  4. omg full mark? tsk.
    anyway, i dont like monday either, but i'm learning to love it sbb dlu2 hidup sentiasa sibuk so monday makes it hard to accept that there's gonna be another a week of turmoil for sbb kitorg makin tade kelas n living each day is damn boring, i think i like it when monday comes. sbb ada kelas and xyah tgolek mcm quarantined pigs. boleh x mbebel kat blog awk? heh sorry!


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