Monday, April 13, 2009

The Royal Easter Show

On Saturday, i went to the Royal Easter Show at Green Lane, Epsom, Auckland. Not really far from Grafton, the place where i live. it took about 15 mins - 20 mins bus journey + walking to the showground. the showground was huge and i didn't know where to start. so i used the event schedule. there were so many things happened simultaneously so, event schedule was really needed.

we arrived there pretty early and the performers performed really good coz u know, it's early so they had so much energy to show off...haha. and most importantly, the live stock judging was also in the morning, so i didn't miss it.

The royal easter show had its beginning 166 years ago, beginning as a purely agricultural event to help the fledgling colony develop a sound farming economy. The first show was held in 1843. The aims of the event were to demonstrate excellence in agriculture and animal husbandry, and to promote the breeding of stud animals to establish and increase the farm animal gene pool in the emerging colony. the ticket was quite cheap too.. $12 for students.

the kiwi lumberjack show. they are the real people who do the logging in the forest. some from canada, america and new zealand.

livestock judging. i like the cow so much! so clean!

asian lamb? huhu

the funky monkey...

this is alpaca, the sheared one. so alpaca and llama are two different animals. The llama is roughly twice the size of the alpaca and the llama has a very coarse outer coat over a softer inner coat as opposed to the alpaca which has a very fine, single coat.

the circus. very fun! i was expecting for lion, tiger of something like that, but there was none.

cadbury international magic show. completely lies.. 

that makcik has turned into donkey! and she deserved it!



another type of alpaca. surico if i'm not mistaken. it's so smooth, and most importantly not smelly. at all!

and that day i learned about types of pig. i found three there.

don't know what type is this. lazy type?

pig with babies

super huge pig

in all it was so fun! i can't wait for next year's!
and below is auckland at night. enjoy the beautiful scenery!

auckland city at night
and the harbour. very beautiful. jackie told safwan, if somebody wants to buy a house that facing the sea, he has to pay millions to get the house. we're so lucky.


  1. - yeah, jackie told me that, aah (UK slang) haha~
    - makcik magik yg dh tua dan bersusah payah utk menipu kanak2 kecil~
    - first time been in a circus, and i love it!! haha, kalu ade pluang, nak pegi lagi~
    - weh, gmbar selepas naik pirate ship tu apsal x masukkan? haha, muka pening2~

    overall: 4.5/5

  2. uhhh... haha.. gmbr tu amat memalukan.. baik xyah.. haha...
    siap pulak rating2 nih.. haha

  3. uuuu besar gila babi! eh silap. babi tu besar gila babi mcm babi. eeee pigs around the world are all the same. tgolek je!

    so much fun you had, i'm happy for u. pusing2 dunia mesti enjoy ye fikri.snap gmbar lagi tau. lagi byk lg best

  4. hmm besr gile!!!.. pusing2 smbil bjimat.. bru prasan elaun smpai buln 6.. huhu

  5. hmm amat best! klo n join dtg oklen taun dpn.. huhu


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