Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Auckland City At Night

Last night was really great coz i went to the Skytower. it's just awesome and really beautiful at night and i will go again next time during the day. Skytower is the tallest man-made structure in new zealand and it offers breathtaking views for up to 80km from any angle. other than just enjoying the beautiful scenery, we can also do bungy jumping and skywalking... i really3 want to try both! skytower also has 360-degree revolving restaurant (just like kl tower la kn). same with kl tower, it's also a telecommunications tower.

other interesting facts

  • Sky Tower is the 12th tallest tower in the world (taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney Tower in Australia and Donauturm Tower in Austria)
  • It took two years and nine months to build Sky Tower
  • Sky Tower has three circular public observation levels - you can get a 360-degree view of Auckland
  • In the extreme event of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurring within 20 kilometres of the tower, analysis shows that Sky Tower would remain standing.

at some places, we cn see through the floor which is made of glass.

taken by accident.. nice isn't it?.. lol


suddenly i found a free binocular.. it's has problem actually, if not we hv to pay $2 for just a few minutes.

over there is auckland harbour bridge...


on the way back, i went to the harbour


That's all.. tomorrow i'm going to sylvia park!


  1. credit to me sbb tmankan amik gambar, haha~

  2. haha.. amik la credit $2o.. haha

  3. sylvia park. oke gk. rase mcm g gold coast. haha

  4. cantek lor.........ein ske tengok!!!!.....^_^
    cantek pemandangan mlm......nmpak bersih...suci je,...hahah...^_^....tq fikri..

  5. thnx for what?
    i took those pics for my own...haha


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