Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Filipino I am

he knows so much about Malaysia

starting form last week, i'm actually trying to accept the fact that i do look like a Filipino.. lol..
it's the people from Philippine who keep on asking me wheter i'm one of them or not.. haha.. and now, i'm "realising" the fact that i don't look like a malaysian. for the first few weeks here, i still could count how many times people have asked me whether i'm from Philippine or not but now i have lost count already. the thing is, they didn't ask me where i'm from but they assumed that i'm one of them... haha.. last thursday i met this girl, she's from Philippine and her name is Faye.. what a coincindence.. she thought i'm from philippine but when she heard me talking she started to realised that i'm not...

then there's a day safwan n i went to Sylvia Park. we were waiting for a bus and suddenly an old man came to the bus stop, so we gave him our seats... (cewah.. haha).. and, there's still some space for us to sit and suddenly he said something. "ajkbakiucbiksdubh".. in tagalog i guess.. i think he told us to sit too... i didn't understand even a word... so i told him that we're from malaysia assuming he understood that we don't speak his language.. then he replied... "ooo... abidcgaiuybg".. whatta.. haha.. i told him again that we're from MALAYSIA.. i pronounced malaysia as clearly as i could coz i guess maybe there's a place in Philippine sounds like malaysia.. then he replied.. "oo.. Malaysia"... and suddenly he talked to us in Malay.. i was in total shock!.. wow.. u know malay? i asked. he said he was once working in Indonesia, so he does understand Malay. 

then we talked so many things about Malaysia and Philippine.. he was so proud of Malaysia because of the development we have. it's not us who told him everything about msia or made ourselves proud but he knows everything about malaysia. so we asked, how can you know so many things about our country? he said he was a history teacher at school.. so no wonder he knows so much. at the end of our conversation, he told us he really2 wants to go to malaysia but he is just afraid. i asked why and he said he's afraid because malaysia is so strict about drugs... i wanted to ask him, does he use drugs.. haha.. but i didn't coz i just felt i shouldn't. that day i was so proud of being a malaysian. but the thing is when will people stop asking me whether i'm a Filipino or not?... is it until all Filipinos in new zealand have asked me the same question and there's no one left to ask the same question again.. haha.. it's just they have the spirit of togetherness i think that makes them find as many Filipino as they could.. haha.. which is good!

and today one lady asked me "are you from vietnam or cambodia?".. haahh.. i'm already tired of answering...


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.Kisses.

  2. haha, u are neither a phillipino nor a vietnamese, but the special thing about southeast asian people is, we have the traits that resembles we are from southeast asia...

    but, yesterday was fun though, that woman thought u was a vietnamese, but she's from freakin china, whatta fish? xie xie ni~

  3. fikri, sing song for titore, come...coome...cooome.....

  4. dh ade dh yg spray punye.. haha


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