Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Fondness


i love cheesecake so much, so i made it for myself. the best thing is, i can eat as much as i want, and i can decide what i want to put inside, on it, and i can control the ingredients (the sugar, eggs or whatsoever) and the real best thing is it's halal.. lol.. it's not hard to find halal food or in this case, the ingredients for my very own version of cheesecake, here in NZ. the vanilla essence for instance, i found so many in foodtown (like giant, tesco, carrefour in msia)... so many brands with different prices and shapes but only one is halal. and the sad thing is it's just imitation vanilla essence..  the real vanilla essence, like for real for real contains alcohol... so i had to forget about the others which were so tempting because they're the real vanilla essence. no choice, i had to pick the imitation one... however it's the cheapest among the rest because of it's "un-realness"... btw, i saved a lot that day...

today i went to the old government house staff common to buy hot chocolate. suddenly the chef (i think) came out from the kitchen and said or maybe shouted... "Hey! Cheesecake?"... "Ahh no thanks.. i have my own.. haha"...  he recognised me even up till today, i've been there for three times only to buy his cheesecake... hohoho..


  1. haha..satu lg tmpat yg mana chef nye amat kenal dgn muka kite...klu: nasi kuniing =D

    wat laa choc cheesecake plak...haritu mak aku sempat wat skali je...mse tu pon die cube2 je, sedap...

    hot choc td mmg kewl...

  2. haha.. nsib baik tgh kenyang ni klo x esok mst pg situ.. haha..

  3. haha, mlm ni kenyang...esok belum tau, haha!
    ape lg, kaksha blanje~

  4. aku set aje! kaksha, set nombor 11 ye??

  5. hua hua...
    akak tlmbt bce blog ni..
    so,xyah la blanje kn..hehe...
    nnt akak try resepi2 frm d books n kte mkn bsme ye..
    btw,thanx 4 d books guys..


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