Friday, January 23, 2009

She is... Sasha Fierce

Beyonce has a new album now... I am... Sasha Fierce... that's the title. well this post maybe a little too late but better than never. so what was she thinking when she named her album as 'i am sasha fiere?'. this is a story behind it. The album formally introduces Knowles' alter-ego Sasha Fierce. Knowles said that Sasha was "born" during the making of her 2003 hit single "Crazy in Love". In an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, Knowles noted that her alter-ego is "strictly for the stage". The magazine has described it as "the singer's sensual, aggressive alter ego".

Knowles wears a "roboglove" in public to compliment Sasha Fierce. It was Knowles' concept, and New York-based jeweler Lorraine Schwartz made the titanium glove. It consists of several pieces, including a ring, a glove, and a separate component that covers Knowles' upper arm. The glove first appeared in the video for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Knowles later wore it on the red carpet during the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, on her performance at the Saturday Night Live show, on the cover of Gotham magazine, and in the music video for "Diva". that's it.

the songs are great and one of them is halo. for those who don't know what a halo is, let me tell a lil bit... a halo is circle of light round a person or thing, or something that looks like a circle of light... or easier to understand the thing on the so called "angel's" head...

*mental health advisory: don't try to be an angel, or so called angel coz u'll turn up to be a crazy person...

and now i present you, halo by beyonce!

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