Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just to keep me floating

it's been  long since the last time i wrote something here and uploaded my 365 project photos. 

i have them in queue. the problem is i have no perfect time to edit them, upload to photobucket, paste the html links and click the 'publish post' button.

i've been sooooooooooooooooooo occupied with never ending assignments (and i'm doing one now) lately and will probably have some time for myself after 15th of april. ironically, i never fail to pay my weekly visit to mid valley. i was planning to trim my hair today but ended up with 'jalan-jalan cari makan' at belanga and perfume testing at the gardens with farouk and irrina. recently i bought davidoff perfume at metrojaya mid valley for rm99 which smells so good. and today i found out robinson's sells it for rm255. i was happily surprised! i think my hair looks good when it's long plus i have my secret passage to avoid meeting with 'the communist'. since the first day i stepped my foot in malaysia, i've been eating many kinds of food non stop and sleeping in between every meal. hence, the 5kg fat that i gained in three months since last december! i know i'm awesome.

introducing my latest work for my friend's blog, Farouk Harun
i think it looks a little bit like a magazine cover or a cover of a memoir (bazaar, please hire me =P)
this shot was taken when he was talking on the phone

we also had a little birthday party =)

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  1. wowo..neh kat mane ne?da menetap di malaysia da?


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