Friday, August 6, 2010


last night in my dream i bought a messenger bag from Country Road that i really 'wanted' last month for my winter trip to match with my tote bag from the same label and as a new school bag since my old bag looks so old. =P
but since it's... erm quite expensive, i have to forget about it.
but i did buy my dream for $50, which is not the actual price. i guess i bought quite a lot of stuffs last night. in my dream.

and just now, less than an hour ago, i bought my dream messenger bag for real.
i've been eyeing this bag for a year. it 'was' damn expensive.

it's actual price was £90 = NZD195.678 = RM451.229
i know that's insane to the max for a simple bag like that

but i bought it for £15 only. muahahaha
i'm so happy
it's totally worth the wait

it's Bill Amberg of England by the way =P


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