Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wisdom teeth which are not so wise

i received a mail this morning from the oral & maxillofacial surgeon that i saw couple of weeks ago.
in that mail he enclosed the medical report about my temporomandibular joint disorder which i had and still have (but much better now).
nothing surprising until i turned to the last page.

this is it.

what what??!!!
that's my first reaction when i saw those figures until i read through the whole page and noticed it's just a fee schedule that he recommended to remove my wisdom 'teeth'.
Three of them! O God!
If i were to undergo that surgery i will not have any wisdom tooth at all.
I actually already had one of my wisdom teeth removed back in malaysia when i complained about the pain that i had. the surgery took about an hour and i had to suffer for a couple of weeks or maybe a month. i can't remember.

my wisdom teeth are currently in this position. this is not my x-ray but it looks quite similar. wikipedia

he recommended to extract my wisdom teeth because they grew abnormally (which were supposed to grow horizontally). that will cost me my an arm an a leg because it is not covered by StudentSafe insurance.

i don't feel any pain at this moment, so i will not and will never undergo that surgery again.

but i like the service he offered =)


  1. dental overseas is very2 expensive, if you can bear the pain, wait until u come back to malaysia. jangan makan ganas2 ok. take care

  2. oh gosh... ur wisdom tooth grew like mine & i had them removed in malaysia... it cost me RM2000 each & i had 4 removed...
    but its better if u removed it now than when it rots in ur gums.. then, it'll cost more.. tough luck i guess!

  3. i don't want to go through the pain again -_-'


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