Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kind people do exist

yes they do, and one of them is... me. no haha.

here goes the story

i received a 'card to collect' yesterday.
you'll receive a 'card to collect' IF there's nobody at home when the postman comes to deliver your parcell.

but i was at home yesterday Mr. Postman!!! why didn't you call me!

so i woke up extra early this morning to go to ponsonby delivery branch to get my parcell.
i walked to the bus stop, stopped the bus and asked the driver
"will you pass by ponsonby delivery branch in richmond road?"
"sorry i don't know where that is" he replied

so i went down and took another bus without asking the bus driver because i was so confident that he will go there.
after a few minutes on the bus, i realised that he turned to a different corner.
then i asked him "are going to richmond road?"
"no, this bus doesn't go to richmond road, you have to take 025 not 015, 025"
"ooooooooooooooooooooo *sigh*. i was on the right bus!"
yep, i was on the right bus but the driver didn't know where on earth is the ponsonby delivery branch. *^*&^8
then he said "I'll drive you to K'Road so that you can take another bus"

long story short, he dropped me at K'Road and i didn't pay extra fare.

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