Saturday, June 5, 2010

contact card *cough* =P

i've been spending my whole day designing my contact card.
i found a very good deal this morning; 250 cards for only $8.50.

so here they are.
i'm still undecided which one i should go for

a.Photobucket b.Photobucket
c.Photobucket d.Photobucket
e.Photobucket f.Photobucket
credit to farihah & irrina =P


  1. wooooo itam~ I loike!! I vote for c. (the squiggly F can be your official emblem dude~) paired with d.(printed at the back of the card)!

  2. i just checked the price on their website, if i make it double sided, there is an extra charge. so i made e. hee =P

  3. I'd go for c. Maybe d could be the on the other side. I agree with eminik. The squiggly F could be your official emblem. Really nice.. I like...
    If you're in M'sia, I would've hired you (if I had the money) you took awesome pics :)

  4. from a marketing perspective, i'd say B or D.

    C and E seem too efiminate!(not that there's anything wrong with being one)

    A is typical while F is out of context.


  5. f!definitely f WOW!THAT'S FIKRI
    dgn c
    smart as~

  6. anda sudah sangat maju skrg..tahniah..


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