Friday, December 11, 2009

Tyra Tyra Tyra

if all homeless people look like this , i don't mind seeing them everyday in Queen Street...

Tyra's first official Nz photo
image/NZ Herald

i watch ANTM just because 10-15 minutes of that show...
that's the shooting part...
the rest of the show is a little bit crappy

Tyra has landed in New Zealand last week...

nobody seemed to care...
well, there were people who cared but not many people were crazy about it.

then, the models did go-sees in Auckland and they went to K road to meet some New Zealand designers... it's just at the corner of my place and i didn't know about it until i watched Close Up that night. it rained heavily that day. so i didn't go out.

then they flew to Queenstown.

and last night Tyra was spotted dining on Auckland's Ponsonby Road.
Not really far from my place too...

“I think it's ridiculous, nobody really cares, I wouldn't really recognise her if she walked down the street probably,” said one local.

and i believed she has finished recording Tyra Banks Show in Wellington.


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