Friday, October 23, 2009

i thought i lost my blog...

today is the last day of semester 2..
everybody is so happy.
i should be happy too, but i have an exam on 9th november.
maybe i should be happy after that
after a week of tests, presentation and assignment, i deserve a very long sleep i guess.
well i did sleep but not long enough.
it's summer now.. or is it still spring?... i don't know... the weather is so confusing.
on calendar, it should be spring.
(talking of calendar, the calendar that has my picture on it, well the picture that i took,
is ready....
i don't know how it looks like...)
everybody should love summer!
the day is longer; you can go anywhere until 8pm and the sun is still there!
i have dozens of new movies i should watch.. oh heaven!
saw vi is now on cinema. to be truth, i've watch it months ago.. months!

i have tumblr now.
i just started today.
so many talented people there!
i think i should be one of them.. lol

click here to visit my tumblr

i need a cat...
i should visit spca some day



  1. hoho. tadi pun rasa nak meroyan bile tengok blog errors. gile buat suspen je blogspot ni. lol.

    this summer balik msia tak?

  2. fikri,nk calender~~~
    nnt ak dtg oklen december ye~~~
    ko x ke mana2 kan?~~~


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