Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last week was retarded.. sorry if you're retarded. no offense. but if you're really retarded, last week was you.. lol... ok what did i do last week. first, i did my presentation which was horrible, next, i submitted my language teaching assignment. that one was horrible too. and lastly, i sat for a test. that one was not horrible. seriously, i'm so slow at reading. no. not because i can't read well.. lol.. i just need hours to digest whatever i read. so i took 4hours to finish one chapter. the test covered 4 chapters, and i didn't read the 4th chapter. i just flipped the lecture notes that i didn't understand. but, i'm happy with the result. thank God.

last night i watched this,

seriously it was so good. i even thought it was a real story, but it's actually not. basically this movie is about a guy who was gifted with a very sensitive sense of smell. he tried many ways to preserve scent, and in his case women's scent. he murdered 25 girls to preserve their scent. at the end, he mixed all 25 girls scent and created a perfume that can manipulate human emotions.

and from that movie, i got an idea to mix these...


i don't really like the purple one, but when i mixed them, i accidently created a new perfume that i like so much! i'm not a murderer.

did you know, most perfumes contain lard? lard is 'soft white fat obtained from pigs' in case you don't know. go check your perfume in case you spray lard all over your body everyday.
lard helps the smell of your perfume last longer.
but i don't think they will mention 'contains lard'... no no no


  1. orly? ewww. *lari2 check botol perfume*

    wah kamu sudah pandai mix2 kan perfume. hehehe XD

  2. body shop ada lard tak? tolong check kan utk saya..saya sgt menghargai jika saudara/saudari boleh membantu saya


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