Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half-Blood Prince

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i never read any harry potter book but i simply love all the movies. i just watched it and it's awesome. from 10, i give 15 to this movie because it's just amazing. compared to the previous movies, i think half-blood prince is the best of them. i have no other word to describe how awesome it is, and i think writing this is not enough to explain how i feel right now. i want to watch it again some time. i really2 do. it's a tight suspense film that isn't too scary for kids, with a good dose of humor, jaw dropping effects, worth waiting for, enchanting, occasionally creepy and beautiful to look at, and more meaningful compared to transformers 2. overall, it's an awesome movie.

will it be the best movie of the year?.. just wait n see.

spoiler alert (based on the movie):
1) dumbledore died in half-blood prince.. (i knew it actually, but i pretended like knowing her nothing..=P.. i'm not sure whether he is really dead or not)
2) snape killed him.
3) snape told harry he's the half-blood prince.

i think, it's best not to read the books before watching the movies so that there will be element of surprise. isn't that what we want when we watch a movie?...


  1. hate snape >.<

    yeah. i didnt read the books too. ;p

  2. heh..ak tak bape suke yg nih..huhu..rase cm bnyk kekurangan jer..terutama plot n storyline dier..tapi byk bende2 len yg hebat2 gak..part emotion agak mantap dlm episod kali ni kan..

  3. dumbledore is really dead.

    snape killed dumbledore after draco malfoys broke the vows between him & voldemort.

    half blood prince is not snape but his mother. Prince is her middle name.

  4. azar.. hmm..

    suki.. well, i don't read the books, so i just write from what i saw n heard from the movie. in the movie, snape told harry, he's the half blood prince. i don't know.

  5. yup i know. the 'prince' refer to he as her son.
    accordin to the book a...bace buku lagi besh kot...eventho its stupid enuff to expect all the scenes will come out in the muvi but stil, i enjoy watchin it...


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