Monday, June 22, 2009

Piri and the Tekoteko

there are only a few maori words that i know. and today, i learned a few more because i asked Clem to read Piri and the Tekoteko. it's an english text with some maori words. we both don't understand maori, so we just tried to pronounce those words with the help of a maori boy, i can't recall his name. he doesn't look like a maori. at all.

here are the maori words that i learned today.

tekoteko - a carved human form
taiaha - a stick, traditional maori weapon

and now some simple maori words

marae - sacred place which usually served as religious and social purposes
ruma - room
tahi - one
rua - two

maori greetings

kia ora - hi
haere mai - welcome
koia kei - good, awesome (something like that)

ok, that's all for our maori lesson. =p


  1. tangotango...hmm, poor thing samaan...his English and Maori are both inadequate...

  2. kia ora.

    erh. lum abis exam ek fikri? kalau belum, all the best to u

  3. haha..
    baru habis td.
    anyway, thnx!

  4. fikri!
    kenapa ak tiada di oklen ikut budak 4org tu?!
    wish i m there!


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