Monday, June 1, 2009

May God Blast Them

*turn on your speaker for the special effect of this post 
(the louder the better)=P*

hmm, three days of holidays is so relaxing. today is Queen's birthday. not in the mood of blogging right now, but there are so many things to write. just wait for me to finish my assignments. today i found a post that shows how terrible a human can be. that woman is damn stupid. may God blast her! 

the kitten's feelings and emotions were manipulated, the innocence, helpless kitten. there's no one could help. i think two people should be blasted: the woman who killed the kitten and another one, the person who took the pictures. damn u! or maybe more. may God blast all of them who involved in that merciless killing!

since the pictures may shock some readers, i think providing a link should be enough.

to see them, click here.


  1. one word to describe them: bastard

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. meh kita pijak kpala pompuan tu cmtu!

  4. kejam...kejam...kejam!!!!!!

  5. salam,
    saya tidak keberatan anda linkkan post saya itu kerna ianya harus dihebahkan...jgn rasa bersalah ^^ ...memang wanita itu kejam memperlakukan kucing itu seenaknya...memang tidak berperikemanusiaan...dia itu manusia bertopengkan setan...sori kerna terlalu emosi disini =P


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