Thursday, May 7, 2009

Like This, Like That

it's cold today. it's raining too, but just shower. it's a good day to stay inside actually, but i have class... for almost three months here, rain never comes with thunder or lightning.. weird. so it's okay to walk in the rain...

i should submit my linguistics assignments tomorrow but since mark has not taught many things that have to do with the assignment, the due date has been extended. so be happy again. i love today's language teaching lecture coz i have learned them all back in ipba. thanks laila.. oops.. madam laila.. 

today i learned about words formation. so acronym, clipping, blending, whatsoever are no aliens. i'm thinking of taking french or spanish as my elective next semester. it's cool to learn foreign language i think. oh back to the real story. today's lecture made me realised there are so many borrowed words in english. i've realised this ever since actually.. hok3.. -_-'.. 

 'ask' is borrowed from Germanic
 'question' is borrowed from french
 'interrogate' is borrowed from latin
 'amok' is borrowed from Malay

actually i want to highlight this one.. rosemary asked us, what about New Zealand English? what is its influence? and suddenly a girl behind me answered, she is sasha.. Latin!..  i have doubt about her answer.. i don't see a connection between Rome and New Zealand... yea, Rome is at the other side of the world, and New Zealand is at the end of the world. and rosemary replied, New Zealand English is influenced by Maori...  there were a lot of words listed in the slide, but since they seemed weird, i ignored all... 

*i just feel like to write something. this is that something... it's autumn, i think i've been spending a lot of my time inging... sleeping, eating, facebooking... i think i should sleep until tomorrow morning.. hello tomorrow, see u claudia. i hope she will give lecture for one hour only, but it will never happen. never.  

tomorrow for sure this girl will sit in front of me.. go sit somewhere else! i always feel sorry for this kind of girls in movies because everybody hates them... but in real life, some are just annoying. or maybe one.. hmmm

*rosemary in this post is rosemary erlam... my language teaching lecturer... rosemary in the previous post is another rosemary... that one is rosemary wette... so there are two rosemary... this is important so you will not get confused with the characters in this blog... =p


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