Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Native Bird in The Morning

today i woke up very early (6.30 a.m. early right?.. haha). rosemary acted really differently today! more laughter in the class, i guess maybe it's already 1 month with us, so we're closer now.. cewah.. haha.. anyway, today i've a new friend, Ethel. i hope that's her name coz it sounds like that. at first i thought she's an asian coz she looks like one, but actually she's not. she's from australia.

ok the real story starts here. hmm.. even i woke up early today, i arrived a few minutes late, luckily rosemary has not started the class. on the way to class, i saw thick smoke came out from the exhaust of a car, and it was really cold this morning. then i realized,

car's exhaust (which is hot) + cold temperature = vapor

then i tried to exhale a very long breathe from my mouth and the result... jeng3...
smoke-like-vapor came out! cool! back in msia, i could only do it in Genting or Cameron highlands!

i was so happy all the way to class inhaling and exhaling to produce smoke haha.. and suddenly i found this very strange bird. it's not a kind of bird that can be easily found. it's blue, big, almost like chicken but slimmer, taller and more beautiful. it couldn't fly bcoz it has small wings. Jackie said birds in New Zealand, i mean the native birds normally can't fly as many years ago there were no predators to catch them, so they didn't use the ability to fly and now the young generation don't know how to fly.. haha.. that's why the bird that i found didn't fly even i came closer. it's just beautiful! unfortunately I didn't bring my camera nor hp (i don't really use my hp here). I tried to check what kind of bird it was, but there are too many to check one by one! hopefully I'll see it again. one thing, what was that bird doing in the middle of Auckland city, in the morning near the busy road?.. isn't it suppose to live in the jungle? i guess it lost it's way to go back home after spending a night in the city! haha!


  1. Haha,bkan smue burung tinggal kt hutan encik..btw,bkan ke sheryll yg jdik gold smlm?

  2. apekah.. burung2 pelik tggl kn hutan la kn.. haha

  3. btol2. heard it somewhere that NZ's birds are mostly flightless because there were no predators. ala smpi skrg pon tade predators kan. burung tu, feather dia blue n it has this red lining sket2 kan? hehe pandai2 sy saje

  4. hmm btol2.. xprasan plak ade merah ke x..

  5. wah,interesting!!never heard befOre that birds can't fly, i think it's only chicken cannot fly,hahhaha


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