Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cool Kan!

setelah sekian lame baru harini bukak my mailbox and terjumpe email yg agak best.. bunyinye camni...

Dear Muhammad

Attached is the first draft of the Huia Orientation programme.

These events are not the only ones happening but it will give you an idea of the current planning. Some events will be happening before 22 February as Auckland City has a lot going on this month and it's a good chance to do some of these as a group.

The RAs will be sending out more information soon.


1. my name is muhammad.. haha
2. bnyk sgt party.. haha
3. ini la orientasi yg sbnr!!!
4. huhu.. xsabarnye...

tunggu je la lg sikit je kn.. klo bleh tunggu 2 1/2 tahun knape xleh tunggu lg 5 hari.. haha

di kesempatan ini juge, sy ingin meluahkan rase simpati kepada rakan2 yg masih blom dpt visa..-_-..
harap2 boleh siap cepat...


  1. hai muhammad...huhu, mulai saat ini, aku panggil ko muhammad laa...haha...

    huhu, selamat tinggal...

  2. haha.. encik ahmad... smoge jumpe nnt..

  3. hey2...! Ull be leaving on this comin 18 rite?..

  4. Oz seems to be cool as not how we so-called think.. hahaha...! yeah, the place is super cool... the environment is awesome the people are quite friendly... erm, what more ek?... come to oz, mike n ull know.... So, everything setup?..


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