Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i'm now not using my handphone anymore. so if you send texts or call me, i'm not able to reply or answer them. plus, it's a bit ting-tong now, i'm sick of it, so better to keep it off. i don't expect any important calls nor messages coz i think everything is settled, so off you go my hp.

so if you have anything, just contact me through friendster, tagged or just YM me.

first the laptop, and now the handphone...
klo nk fly ni sume la rosak.. haih...


  1. haish, don't worry fikri, jangan rosak akhlak sudah la hahahaha

  2. patot ar ak mesej takleh..huhu..nak gak mecapub..

  3. haha... ni tgh tunggu sponsorship nk bli hp baru nih... haha.. hp baru la nmpaknye!


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