Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Back

cheers with kisses.. haha

It’s time! It’s time my friends! It’s time for me to write on this blog again! Haha! So, a new year is here! Hello 2009 and goodbye 2008! I’ve been waiting for so long to reactivate this blog and I think a new year should be a good start to write again.

At this moment it’s pretty sure all of us (the ipbarians cohort 5) are counting the days for our departure rite? But before that there are plenty of things that we have to settle first. Series of shopping (muahaha.. i love this part), packing the luggages and the most important thing... jeng3... our visa. I’m extremely worried about my visa. Is everything ok? Do I have any problem with it? Till this moment I’ve not received any news about it. I hope its okay.

To my friends, we have gone through all the bad and good times for the past two and a half years and we have made this far. We’ve been struggling a lot to be at this point, and now we did it! Hooray! It’s a wonderful journey (or maybe not so wonderful for some)! For sure all of us have our own plan(s) for this year, so make it a success! For those who’ll be going to New Zealand, see you there (or maybe at the briefing... haha). And to my friends who’ll be in Australia, I’ll try my best to be there! And not to forget those who’ll be in Europe, specifically the UK, I’ll pave my way from the country down under to go there! (Money again... a big one).

So happy New Year and have a wonderful year ahead!

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  1. this entry is kinda cute..
    so does the picture! hehehehe
    (ehem2..apa lagi..belanja r ak..=P)


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